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Russian Imperialism - The Interaction of Domest...
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A fresh and stimulating analysis of the relationship between domestic and foreign policy in Russia before the First World War, now available in English for the first time. 'By far the most perceptive, knowledgeable, and intelligent work on the last half century of imperial Russia in print.'-Theodore H. Von Laue, Russian History 'This important, tightly packed book ...analyzes the basic problems of Russian imperialism thoroughly and with enormous erudition...Scholars concerned with imperialism and Russian domestic and foreign problems will welcome this thought-provoking work.'-David MacKenzie, American Historical Review 'A convincing and important analysis of the mutual dependence of autocratic domestic and foreign politics...This book ought to be the occasion for a renewed and wide discussion of Russian imperialism and should give rise to further studies of the question.'-Alan Kimball, Slavic Review 'This is a remarkably good book. Good in many respects-quality of research and writing, breadth of view, command of the facts, balance and penetrating in judgment, familiarity with relevant theory...The book represents a revived and deepened historicism.'-Paul W. Schroeder, Journal of Modern History 'Geyer presents a detailed and integrated chronological analysis of the interaction between domestic and international developments under the last three Tsars.'-Choice 'In the historians' art of analytic synthesis he has no peer among specialists in Russian history.'-Theodore H. Von Laue, Slavic Review

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